The two artistic directors

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Vincenzo Sponga

He was born in 1950, in Azzano Decimo (PN). He has been working in advertising graphics for 15 years, gaining experience in different forms of art and becoming skilled in technical elaboration of natural materials. In 1986, with Gabriele Meneguzzi, he opened a workshop where they sell and exhibit their art works made with metals and natural materials. In 1999 he first approached Land Art. Together with Meneguzzi, he represent Italy in various international Land Art events.


Gabriele Meneguzzi

He was born in 1949, in San Quirino (PN). He had learnt watercolour, silk-screen printing, repoussage techniques, when he chose the Swiss school. Usually he creates using materials that he finds in the woods, along the rivers and streams. Since 1974, he has been collaborating with Vincenzo Sponga, and has been working with him in Land Art since 1999, representing Italy in various international Land Art events and receiving various awards and recognitions.