The principle


Humus Park 2016 – The mind opener, is a Land Art event which opens our minds developing a new perspective into art: no more bounds to commercial constraints and enclosed spaces, but freedom to search for new possibilities in open and natural spaces.
Land Art, infact, offers a different point of view to observe Nature and the landscape: aesthetic intervention and creativity are mixed with respect for Nature and the environment.

Humus Park offers a new Man-Nature relationship made with dialogue and cooperation. A lot of open dialogues underlie this event: dialogues among artists and nature, among international artists and Italian artists, among students, teachers and artists; but also among artists and public, among public and nature, and even among the three natural sites.

After an inspection of the area made available, the artistsin pairs, choose their inspiring place. Then, they compare, mingle, exchange visions, techniques and projects. Nature provides them with the materials (stones, leaves, branches, water, etc…) and the set.

The artists borrow what nature provides and, working all day, transform it, weaving, stringing, planting. The result are unique and unrepeatable art works, born in those places and for those places, of which the artists give up possession. In fact, they return them to nature which, as time goes by, completes and eventually incorporates it.

Experiencing the natural site, the visitors, look for the art works like in a treasure hunt, discover and enjoy them, comparing them with the other works. Then the visitors accompany them along their natural life cycle, as long as the nature takes them back.

Thus, Humus Park allows anyone to discover a new way of discovering the region, of interacting with other people and observing the fascinating life cycle of a living art work, being born and dying – unlike a painting, which is eternally the same.